Also known as: Susan Tiemann, Suse, Right Hand of GLaDOS, Head Supervisor of Testing at Aperture Science.

A fellow Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley. Also part of the Online Enrichment Centre project.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • @thebestPM honestly. Some people just don't handle change well at all. (29/4/12)
  • @ApSciTiemann I know! Useless! Didn't even hang about long enough 2 help me uncrate the cucumber frames! Just threw in the trowel & left. (29/4/12)
  • @thebestPM how rude. And it's just helping out catering, too. Think of the savings on cucumbers! (29/4/12)
  • Also the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs went and got me a window-box. Don't mind saying, I was quite touched. (30/4/12)
  • @thebestPM aww, that's pretty sweet... (20/4/12)
  • And then there’s him. Leader of the Opposition. The Shadow Prime Minister. Lurking. Waiting. In the shadows. Biding his time. (2/5/12)
  • @thebestPM Like Voldemort. O_O (2/5/12)
  • @thebestPM so long as it isn’t the military-grade paint the green guy in brazil used for cosplay. (3/6/12)
  • @thebestPM eeeeee adorable (3/6/12)
  • @thebestPM Oh dear… and you’re sure that’s not going to be a smack upside the head? (18/6/12)
  • @thebestPM aww, poor thing. There’s always next year and a watering can. (19/6/12)
  • @thebestPM oh good! (21/9/12)
  • @thebestPM Yeaaaah can I suggest being /very nice/ to her when she gets there? (21/9/12)