The BBC Symphony Orchestra is the principle orchestra of the BBC. They are especially famous for playing at the annual Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, as well as the the yearly Barbican concerts. PM Wheatley seems to have grasped the concept that the Orchestra stands for musical excellence, which is surprising, given his awful musical taste.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra is possibly the closest thing to the Mafia existant in London today. This function is a closely-guarded secret; however, if anyone has any doubts about the threat, deadly efficiency, long memories, and grudge-holding capabilities presented by a host of middle-aged British musicians, one only has to talk loudly, cough repeatedly, or turn up late during one of their concerts.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Alright, so maybe I should have pre-warned him about whole BBC Symphony Orchestra pitching up & setting up camp on his 270-year-old lawn. Still, you should’ve seen him! Livid! Tried to point out that cello spikes etc. would aerate the soil but he wasn’t having any of it. (10/2/12)
  • Luckily entire orchestra stuck up for me! Especially scary percussion section- ten v. intense ladies & gents with various blunt instruments. They basically told him to put a sock in it & let them get on with it, since they had to go & record the new EastEnders theme before lunch. (10/2/12)
  • Have to say it was probably the most up-tempo version of ‘Memory’ I’ve ever heard, but still, very stirring. Not a dry eye in the garden. Gardener tried to kick off again, but bass drum & 2nd tuba threatened to do him if he said 1 more word about his bloody lawn, so he shut up. V. emotional- had to struggle to make it through the eulogy. Admittedly due in part to volume & enthusiasm of percussion section, but still. (10/2/12)

Other MentionsEdit

  • "Mind you, Prime Minister and everything, I could probably hire someone to play something, maybe something a bit more… feline-specific. Maybe something from Cats- ooh! I know! Brilliant idea- I could get those ones that do Last Night of the Proms! Wonder if they know Memory? What d’you think?” -Schrödinger’s Cabinet