Also known as: @CapturedOxygen, @_Namyra_, Dani, Socksy, Meyecy

A fellow Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • @thebestPM Please, calm down, we'll get you a new pen... A better one! One with multiple colors! (30/4/12)
  • @CapturedOxygen It's not the pen, though, Socksy, it's the principle, isn't it? It's a simple matter of respect. (30/4/12)
  • @thebestPM I suppose it is. I can try to look for the pen for you, but I think that wouldn't help much. (30/4/12)
  • @thebestPM You found a pen? (20/5/12)
  • @thebestPM Your pen? (20/5/12)
  • @BokuNoSmuppet Bingo! My lucky pen! Safe and sound! Bit fluffy but none the worse for its little adventure. Tremendous! Thanks Edith! (20/5/12)
  • @thebestPM That's great! I'm happy you found it back! (20/5/12)
  • @thebestPM What did she paint on you? (3/6/12)
  • @BokuNoSmuppet Union Jack of course! Lady said the contours of my nose messed up the fimbriations a bit but assures me it looks v. classy.
  • @thebestPM That's great! You should get a mirror, and if it looks really good you should keep it on! (3/6/12)
  • @thebestPM That's great! Did you see the girl who saved you again? (22/9/12)
  • @thebestPM Ask about where she lives! Take some flowers and maybe some sweets, and go thank her in person. She saved your life, after all. (22/9/12)
  • @thebestPM That sounds wonderful! (23/9/12)
  • @thebestPM Um, well, you certainly could do WORSE, but... (11/10/12)