The Friendly Exchange Students were a group of foreign students PM Wheatley ended up spending the New Years Fireworks Ceremony with after getting lost on the way to the VIP Box. Their names were Saskia, Claus, Frida, and an anonymous fourth student with a bobble hat.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Huh. Felt a bit daft but nothing else for it- asked random group of friendly-looking exchange students if they knew the way to the VIP box. [...] They gave me directions, then asked if I was anyone important. Said I was Peter Crouch and melted into the crowd. Like a ninja. (1/1/12)
  • Bumped into exchange students again and ended up singing Auld Lang Syne and watching fireworks with them instead. Perfectly good view. BTW Saskia, Claus, Frida, and your mate with the bobble hat whose name I didn't catch, it was an absolute honour. Thanks for the chips! (1/1/12)