The Prime Minister's surviving grandmother, on the paternal side.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • She [the Queen] reminds me of my nan, only my nan doesn't refer to herself in the majestic plural unless she gets v. cross at something on the telly. (6/2/12)
  • Bit like the time Nan did a cake stall for the fête but I sort of stole the limelight by falling off the bouncy castle & having 2 go to A&E. And believe me, that sort of accident is pretty tricky to explain when you're twenty-six. (4/6/12)

Other MentionsEdit

  • -If I'd stuck my tongue out at the girl next door, my gran would have given me a clip round the ear.
-Did you like her?
-Course! Practically brought me up 'till I was old enough to go to school. Bit deaf, but that's to be expected, with the elderly. (Transcript, 21/3/12)