Also known as: Michele, Neverrwhere

A Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • @neverwhere Apparently, it's your birthday! Many happy returns! (12/9/12)
  • According to L of O, today's also the birthday of former Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith! Or would be. If he wasn't dead. #slightdowner (12/9/12)
  • Far as I'm aware you've never started WW1 or caused Helena Bonham Carter, so you're well up over old 'Squiffy' Asquith, in my opinion.(12/9/12)
  • @thebestPM Have you thought of any other clever things to delegate to your new PA? And more importantly, how does Caro feel about that? :) (27/9/12)
  • Well, Michele-with-one-L, got to say I'm not exactly blown away by her performance regarding this donkey business, so far. (10/10/12)