Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom. Within #thebestPM's universe, she is a fairly kindly and down-to-earth lady with the good sense to stay as far away from politics as her role will allow. Having said that, she is inclined to be sympathetic towards the Prime Minister, seeing him as some sort of surrogate idiot grandchild.

She is married to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, an occasion which the PM marked by getting his face painted with a Union Jack at the Jubilee celebrations in Millennium Square, Bristol.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Just been to congratulate HRM on her Diamond Jubilee. Charming as always- gave me a bag of Werther's to mark the occasion. #thebestmonarch (6/2/12)
  • Still not convinced 21-gun salute earlier was a good idea- thought you're not really supposed to make sudden loud noises around pensioners. (6/2/12)
  • Ha! Before I left, HRM told me- strictly on the down-low- she's def. not a fan of the whole gun thing either. Vindicated! #thebestmonarch (6/2/12)
  • She reminds me of my nan, only my nan doesn't refer to herself in the majestic plural unless she gets v. cross at something on the telly. (6/2/12)
  • Back home 4 Jubilee! Been asked to keep low profile so as not to upstage HRM- constant risk, obviously, for someone w/my star qualities. (3/6/12)
  • Spread the word, tell everyone you know NOT to watch it. Last thing I want is HRM thinking I'm trying to steal her thunder. Bit like the time Nan did a cake stall for the fête but I sort of stole the limelight by falling off the bouncy castle & having 2 go to A&E. And believe me, that sort of accident is pretty tricky to explain when you're twenty-six. (4/6/12)