Also known as: Rubit, Rubitrightintomyeyes

A fellow Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • @thebestPM Ever been to the states? Any plans to visit? (23/1/12)
  • @RubItInMyEyes Official visit coming up soon! Him over here, though- obviously I'm a bit too busy & important to go jetting off over there. (23/1/12)
  • @thebestPM They say plants respond well if you talk to them! (15/6/12)
  • @RubItInMyEyes I wouldn’t believe everything you hear- I’ve been talking to mine non-stop and they haven’t responded once. (16/6/12)
  • Not exactly the best conversational partners, plants. V. hard to judge their feelings on any given topic. Inscrutable, is the word. Wooden. AMAZING listeners, though, will give them that. Plus, they can't wander off! ‪#winwin (16/6/12)