SarcasticKatt is a fellow Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Anyone else just a tad bit...concerned? >___> @thebestPM (25/4/12)
  • @sarcasticKatt Concerned? Do not know what you're talking about, love. I mean, it's only a garden, it's not like an arms deal or something. (26/4/12)
  • @thebestPM Oh no no no, not concerned about the garden. Think you would do a brilliant job. It's the other- you know what, just carry on. (26/4/12)
  • Aaaaaaah! @thebestPM is getting emails from a very...different...source. :D (20/5/12)
  • @thebestPM If by chance the voice starts spouting numbers, write them down? Might be good for the lotto. (20/5/12)
  • @thebestPM Unless those numbers are 4 8 15 16 23 42. In that case RUN (20/5/12)
  • Aww. @thebestPM is giving me feels. ;; Hang in there! (17/6/12)
  • @thebestPM You are lucky to be alive, sir. (16/9/12)
  • Suddenly all the @thebestPM feels. (22/9/12)
  • @thebestPM Oh Wheatley, dear. "Personal Assistant" implies something I'm sure you don't mean. (23/9/12)
  • I <3 @thebestPM, just sayin' (23/9/12)
  • @sarcasticKatt @thebestPM it's not like she's going to be his intern. (23/9/12 from @lieutfaber)
  • @lieutfaber @thebestPM Oh very true. Yeah don't say she's an intern. Just tread very, very carefully. (23/9/12)
  • Oh noooooooooo terrible thought D: @thebestPM (23/9/12)
  • @sarcasticKatt Who's the boss now? That's right. It's me. (23/9/12 from @lieutfaber)
  • @lieutfaber ALL THE D: (23/9/12)
  • @lieutfaber HOPEFULLY if he'd have got mad with power he'd have done it by now and locked down Parliament over a marker or something. (23/9/12 from RabidFlamingo)
  • @RabidFlamingo ah but he hadn't gotten Michelle into his clutches till now... (23/9/12 from @lieutfaber)
  • @lieutfaber Honestly I wouldn't trust anyone who has clutches. >.> (23/9/12 from RabidFlamingo)
  • .@thebestPM I BELIEVE IN YOU DON'T SCREW UP (23/9/12)
  • @thebestPM never fails to amuse me.(3/10/12)