Also known as: The Official Loyal Opposition Shadow Cabinet, The Evil League of Evil Shadowy Moaning Sneery Stuck-Up Killjoys.

The Shadow Cabinet is the constitutional opposition to Prime Minister Wheatley's Cabinet. Led by the Leader of the Opposition, their role is to scrutinise their corresponding office holders in the Government, and basically to form an opposing and moderating party to the current administration. PM Wheatley has a very shaky grasp of this concept, and views them as a cross between a league of supervillains, an annoyance, and some kind of uncanny Lovecraftian hivemind.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • Really gets up my nose @ times though. My job’s tricky enough without him [the Leader of the Opposition] & his little crew hanging about 'opposing' me left right & centre. Apart from anything else, the name should be a dead giveaway, shouldn’t it? 'The Shadow Cabinet'. Again, like something evil off Doctor Who. (2/5/12)
  • Quick politics lesson, Twitter- for every one of MY lot, there’s one of HIS. Shadow Ministers. Exactly like my Ministers, only… shadowier. Might as well’ve called themselves the Evil League of Evil Shadowy Moaning Sneery Stuck-Up Killjoys, at least it’d be halfway honest. (2/5/12)