Also known as: @UMWEnt_CEO, President of Universe's Most Wanted Enterprises.

A fellow Twitter user who contacted PM Wheatley. UMWEnt_CEO is actually an OC running a Twitter account in very much the same vein as #thebestPM, although he seems to run both his company and his Twitter with a great deal more competency.

Twitter MentionsEdit

  • @thebestPM Being a leader myself I understand the need to keep mentally sharp. So I took a page from your book! (28/4/12)
  • @UMWEnt_CEO Great minds think alike! Got lots of tips if you get stuck, am basically master of the Kube by now- nearly 5 whole sides done! (29/4/12)
  • @thebestPM Know it's been quite a while, but how is L of O? Has he stopped shooting you dirty looks yet? (2/5/12)
  • @UMWEnt_CEO It’s actually fairly easy to avoid dirty looks from someone in a neck brace. Just stand behind ‘em and voila! You’re safe. (2/5/12)
  • @thebestPM Was your password "thebestPM"? 16/5/12
  • @UMWEnt_CEO Alright, so there probably WERE methods I could have employed 2 make it a LITTLE more uncrackable, but hindsight's always 20-20. 17/5/12